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Teeth In A Day Las Vegas

Teeth In A Day Las Vegas give you back your beautiful smile fast with Dental Implants in a single visit so you can get back to living your wonderful life. Call and schedule your FREE consultation with Dental Implants Las Vegas today.

Teeth In A Day Las Vegas

Teeth in a Day Las Vegas can help with more than just your dental health issues. For most people, this situation also affects their self-esteem and can have a profound impact on their daily life. For that reason, many patients feel a deep sense of urgency to replace their teeth. This is unfortunately why so many people settle for traditional removable dentures even when permanent solutions like dental implants are available. Rather than spend months undergoing reconstructive procedures, patients opt for the extraction of all teeth and the placement of dentures. But there is a permanent, fast, and natural-looking alternative. Teeth in a Day help Las Vegas patients replace full sets of teeth in just one office visit.

Can You Really Get New Teeth In One Day?

Teeth in a day are a unique hybrid of dental implants and dental appliances. They are achieved using the “All-On-4” method that combines four mini dental implants and a full dental prosthetic. The dentist inserts tiny dental implants through the gums, into the jaw and then anchors a full set of new teeth permanently in place.

The procedure is non-invasive. The implants used in Teeth in a Day Las Vegas are so small that they typically don’t require an incision. They are simply inserted straight through the gums. The dentist can snap your new teeth into place and you’ll be on your way. Patients require very little healing time, and many patients are able to enjoy an evening meal the same day they get their new teeth.

You’ll have to visit the office for an exam and consultation before scheduling your Teeth in a Day Las Vegas procedure, and you’ll have to return for a follow up to ensure proper fit after you heal, but the actual procedure is completed in one trip.

I Already Wear Dentures. Is It Too Late For Permanent Teeth?

One of the greatest benefits of Teeth in a Day Las Vegas is their ability to be placed in patients who have been wearing traditional dentures, even for several years. The mini dental implants used in this technique are small and inserted at an angle that requires far less bone support than a traditional dental implant. That means that even if you’ve lost some of your jaw density due to denture wear, you may still be eligible for this strong and permanent solution.

It is important to understand that not all denture patients can make the switch to Teeth in a Day Las Vegas, but the only way to determine your eligibility is to visit a specialist. The denture implant dentists of Dental Implants Las Vegas specialize in unique cases, and even if you’re not sure, you owe it to yourself to contact the office for a consultation. Our specialists have hardly ever seen a smile they can’t restore.

Benefits Of Teeth In A Day

Although the most obvious benefit of Teeth in a Day Las Vegas is a full, new smile in just one office visit, there are other advantages including:

  • Fixed solution – Teeth in a Day Las Vegas don’t just replace missing teeth. They restore your smile and your bite so you can eat, speak, and socialize without a care.
  • Easy maintenance – Dentures require salves, creams, adhesives, soaks, and a variety of other costly maintenance materials. Teeth in a Day Las Vegas are brushed and flossed like your natural teeth and don’t demand extra accessories.
  • Maintain jaw health and function – When you lose your teeth, your jaw bone shrinks and deteriorates. This not only alters your appearance, but affects the amount of pressure your jaw can handle. With Teeth in a Day Las Vegas, mini implants are inserted into the jaw bone, helping maintain mass, and they allow your jaw to absorb almost the same amount of pressure as natural teeth.
  • An option for many patients – The mini dental implants used in the Teeth in a Day Las Vegas procedure are so versatile that almost all patients are eligible, even if you’ve been wearing dentures for a few years.
  • Affordable – Mini implants are often more affordable than traditional implants because they can be placed in just one visit, and financing options are available in order to make the Teeth in a Day Las Vegas procedure available to those who want it.

Am I Eligible For Teeth In A Day?

Only a dentist can determine if you are eligible for Teeth in a Day Las Vegas. But not every dentist in Las Vegas is able to offer this procedure. The dental implants specialists at Dental Implants Las Vegas dedicate their practice to permanent teeth restoration. They are proud to be able to offer this revolutionary procedure to their patients, especially patients who have been suffering because of lost teeth or a bad set of dentures. They work with master lab technicians and a cutting edge dental laboratory that will help design a beautiful smile you can wear with pride. If you are unhappy with your teeth or are struggling with your dentures, contact us today to learn more about Teeth in a Day Las Vegas.

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