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Dental Implants Las Vegas

Dental Implants Las Vegas provides affordable Las Vegas Dental Implants to replace one tooth, multiple teeth, and full sets to restore your beautiful smile. Call (702) 830-4888 and schedule your FREE consultation with Dental Implants Las Vegas today.

Dental Implants Las Vegas

Dental implants Las Vegas are a strong and permanent means of replacing missing or damaged teeth. They function the same way as your natural teeth, and allow you to maintain a high quality of daily life. Dental implants use a titanium post in place of a natural tooth root. The post is inserted into the jaw bone, below the gum line creating a firm anchor. A custom-made dental crown is placed over the post, creating a natural looking and feeling new tooth. When you’re in need of tooth replacement, the specialists at Dental Implants Las Vegas are there to help. Our dentists are devoted to helping patients restore their smiles in a friendly and comfortable environment. You don’t have to suffer with gaps in your smile or fuss with bulky dental appliances. If you’ve lost one or more of your teeth, consult Dental Implants Las Vegas today.

Why Dental Implants?

There are many options for replacing missing teeth, but both the dentists and patients of Dental Implants Las Vegas prefer implants because of their natural look and benefits to your oral health. The titanium post that holds the tooth in place acts just like your natural tooth root, maintaining your jaw mass and function. Whenever you lose a tooth, the jaw bone around your gap will begin to deteriorate. This deterioration causes your jaw to physically shrink, altering your appearance and your ability to handle pressure in your jaw. This leads to pain, discomfort, and further tooth decay. Even if you’ve lost a tooth due to an accident, your remaining teeth are vulnerable. That’s why Dental Implants Las Vegas suggests patients opt for this permanent and healthy means of tooth replacement.

Types Of Dental Implants

Other than function and jaw heath, one of the biggest benefits of dental implants are their versatility. Whether you’ve lost one tooth or all of your teeth, there are dental implant options for you. The specialists at Dental Implants Las Vegas are devoted to staying on top of the newest technology, which means they’ve never seen a smile they can’t restore.

Options for dental implants include:

  • Traditional Dental Implants – Traditional dental implants are used to replace single teeth. They can also be used to help anchor dental bridges into place. They do require a certain amount of jaw density, so if you have just recently lost a tooth and you’ve maintained good oral hygiene over the years, you are probably a candidate for traditional dental implants.
  • Mini Dental Implants – Mini dental implants are smaller than traditional implants, and they are a bit more versatile. If your teeth have begun to shift, or if your gap is particularly small, a mini implant can be used. Mini dental implants are also able to be placed in patients who have lost some of their bone density because they don’t require as much jaw bone for support. Dental Implants Las Vegas can also use mini implants to anchor dentures into place. These are a great option for patients who are missing several teeth in one area of their mouth.
  • All-On-4 Dental Implants – You may have heard All-On-4 dental implants referred to as “Teeth in a Day.” This option is for patients who have lost all of their teeth or who have been told they must have their teeth removed for dentures. Mini dental implants are used to anchor full sets of new teeth into place, and the entire procedure can be done in one office visit. They are a permanent alternative to dentures and allow patients to live a better quality of daily life. Not all dentists offer this option, but Dental Implants Las Vegas specializes in full tooth replacement using this revolutionary technique.

Additional Benefits Of Dental Implants

Not only are dental implants healthy and versatile, but they provide other benefits to patients including:

  • Comfort – Dental implants do require minor oral surgery, but patients typically heal quickly. Once your mouth is healed, you can eat and speak normally, and you can’t tell the difference between your natural teeth and your dental implants.
  • Care – Dental implants are easy to care for. You brush and floss them twice a day just as you brush and floss your natural teeth. Your Dental Implants Las Vegas specialist may recommend certain toothbrushes or pastes to help care for your new teeth.
  • Permanent – Dentures and partials require adjustments as your jaw bone continues to shrink. But if you take good care of your dental implants, and visit Dental Implants Las Vegas twice a year for checkups, your new teeth can last a lifetime.
  • Self-Confidence – Dentures and partials replace teeth, but at a cost to your lifestyle. Many patients find themselves socializing less when they wear dentures because they are afraid of eating or speaking around new people. But dental implants won’t slip or slide out of your mouth, even when you’re eating.

Choose Dental Implants Las Vegas

If you’re serious about maintaining your smile after losing a tooth, you’ll want to choose a dentist who specializes in dental implants. The dental implants specialists at Dental Implants Las Vegas devote their practice to permanent tooth replacement. They help patients with even the most complicated dental issues restore their smiles and get back to living their lives. You owe it to yourself to contact Dental Implants Las Vegas today to learn more about your options for tooth replacement. Whether you’ve lost one tooth, all of your teeth, or you’re worried about losing your teeth, our dentists can help. Stop suffering and start living today by contacting Dental Implants Las Vegas.

Dental Implants Las Vegas

Dental Implants Las Vegas is the leader in affordable Las Vegas Dental Implants including All-On-4 Dental Implants, Mini Dental Implants, and Teeth In A Day. Our friendly approach and genuine care for our patient’s well-being is what makes us the most popular Dental Implants specialists in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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